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Helios 20

Shot by Brett Rutkowski
Starring Tamika Fawcett
H&M Tess Batchelor
Styling/Production by Lisa Stricker
Assisting; Rebecca Andrews & Tarryn Choma

Whether you choose to be a day time deity or a creature of the night, our latest Helios collection has you wrapped up in fantasy. Shot on film at a magical property in the northern NSW hinterland. Featuring our most other-worldy fabric to date, in collaboration with Ukrainian artist and dream-world conjuring maestro, Daria Hlazatova.
Light and soft gold lurex thread fabric styles, printed with Daria’s kaleidoscopic chimera vision, pieces mistaken for a mirage, our signature 70s tributes in custom hand-dyed fabrics, and gorious soft velvety wide wale cord in elegant cream with gold hardware in ultra-wearable, yet totally breathtaking silhouettes.
They totally have us swooned.

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